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Our Missionpiece of shit

BudBlockz is the world's first decentralized online ecommerce for cannabis enthusiasts to access the global cannabis markets securely.

Purchases start from$50
piece of shit
Budblocksz mission

Our mission is to establish an open, fairly traded environment for new and experienced enthusiasts to access the global market with decentralization and privacy. Creating a 24/7 open marketplace operating within legal jurisdictions

BudBlockz NFT Fractional Ownership

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Fast growth

Join our fast growing weed friendly community

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Built on reliable and secure blockchain technology

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Simply and globally

Connecting weed and crypto lovers worldwide

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BudBlockz Ecosystem
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Why BudBlockz?

Budblocksz flagThe legality of cannabis within the United States and other participating countries has only begun

Economic specialists forecast a global market cap of over 176.5 billion USD within the next decade, BudBlockz is driven to unite cannabis consumers globally to utilize the best ecosystem for accessing top products and services.

Utilizing $BLUNT as a medium of exchange between individuals and cannabis corporations including Dispensaries, Farms, CBD manufacturers and more. BudBlockz is a platform utilizing blockchain technology to facilitate encrypted peer-to-peer purchasing. $BLUNT governs our community to enhance fair and transparent cannabis trading for all. BudBlockz is a platform to securely access the global cannabis markets with transparency and security.


Budblocksz solutionsGlobal Market Cap

*Economic specialists forecast a global market cap of over 176.5 billion USD within the next decade.

BudBlockz Innovative Solutions

Budblocksz solutions
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Decentralized NFT Marketplace

A decentralized NFT marketplace promoting complete transparency, permissionless participation, and robust security.

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Decentralized Digital Trading

$BLUNT token provides liquidity within our ecosystem, allowing users to purchase products, trade NFTs and earn rewards from participating in De-Fi and future P2E gaming.

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Decentralized Ecommerce

Utilizing our decentralized platform directly communicates with other activists and corporations globally whilst protecting their professional careers.

Built with
Mighty Ethereum

An open NFT marketplace built on Ethereum furnishes interoperability with different blockchain networks permitting dealers to exchange tokenized adaptations of their resources and NFTs on a worldwide scale.

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Mighty Ethereum

Web3 Digital Identification

True Interoperability

EVM Compatibility

Economic Scalability

Mighty Ethereum

Package Tracking Transparency

User-Driven Network Governance

Encrypted High-Security

and more


Budblocksz Roadmap
Phase 01

BudBlockz Website Launch

Budblocksz roadmap
Phase 02

Release BudBlockz Whitepaper

Budblocksz roadmap
Phase 03

Token Generation Event

Budblocksz roadmap
Phase 04

Global Marketing Campaign

Phase 05

Official Uniswap Launch

Budblocksz roadmap
Phase 06

How High? BLUNT Token Burn Event

Budblocksz roadmap
Phase 07

Launch $BLUNT Staking

Phase 08

Release Ganja Gurus NFT Collection

Budblocksz roadmap
More Features

Features of
The BudBlockz Ecosystem

Global BudBlockz Cannabis Dispensaries
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Online Ecommerce
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$BLUNT Rewards
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NFT Marketplace
Budblockz feature
Cannabis Farm Ownership
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$BLUNT Token
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Budblocksz coming soon
Budblocksz coming soon

Accessing Cannabis Global Markets. Decentralized Online Ecommerce and Utilizing blockchain technology to facilitate encrypted peer to peer purchasing

Budblocksz coming soon

BudBlockz Farms

Budblocksz coming soon

BudBlockz Dispensaries

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Team $BLUNT tokens will be locked for a 1-year (365 days) period. Marketing wallet will be locked for a 3-month period.

All tokens allocated to partners and advisors will also be locked for 1 year (365 days). Lastly our liquidity wallet is active for exchange listings and trading liquidity.

1 $BLUNT=0.000 USD

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Token taxes for Uniswap launch

20% Sell Tax0% Buy Tax5% Distribution5% Marketing5% LP admission fee

Budblcksz tokenomics

Three Stages:
90 days = 23,333,333.33 BLUNT For Sale

Stage 1Stage 2Stage 3Token Burn Wallet:
30st March - 29th April30th April - 30th May31th May - 19th JunePeriod
7,777,777 BLUNT9,250,000 BLUNT6,305,556 BLUNT8,400,000 BLUNTTokens Available
Token Distribution:
6.4%Private Sale26,880,000
5%Project Partners21,000,000
8%Developers wallet33,600,000
2%How High - Burn event wallet8,400,000

Frequently AskedQuestions

BLUNT is built on Ethereum.

23,333,333.33 BLUNT Tokens will be available during the token sale.

Initial price will be $0.015

No KYC is necessary during our token generation event.

Access the BLUNT token sale on BudBlockz official website.

Upon launch the $BLUNT token will be available on UniSwap.

Due to legal restrictions only users within cannabis friendly states and countries will able to access our cannabis products.

10,000 Ganja Guruz will be minted

Users within cannabis friendly states and countries will be able to utilize $BLUNT to purchase cannabis products from partnered dispensaries.

315,000,000 $BLUNT tokens will ever be minted.

Use our payment support helpline to access assistance directly from the BudBlockz team, login to your BudBlockz dashboard to access our live chat.

$BLUNT will be listed on Uniswap Monday 19th June 2023

BudBlockz are targeting to open dispensaries in the following locations:

01America - California
04Spain (Barcelona)
05Czech Republic
Budblocksz dispenaries
Budblocksz dispenaries
Budblocksz dispenaries
Budblocksz dispenaries
Budblocksz dispenaries
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