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Bud-Blockz Arcade is the world’s first P2E gaming platform based around cannabis and crypto gaming. The Bud-Blockz Arcade is a retro gaming collage of the best games from 1998, majority of the Arcade collection is inspired by NES, SNES, and Sega Genesis games.

Join Luke on his cannabis adventures in BUD-BLOCKZ ARCADE, our P2E gaming allows users to earn $BLUNT tokens whilst completing their favourite retro games.

Are you a Top Gamer?

Win Crypto Competitions at BUD-BLOCKZ ARCADE and earn $BLUNT, $ETH and NFTs. Gamers will need to subscribe to our email notifications to be alerted for New, Ongoing and Winners of competitions.

BUD-BLOCKZ ARCADE winners will be airdropped their $BLUNT rewards immediately to the connected wallet.

Your Ganja Guruz NFT operates as your profile avatar within the Arcade. To buy an exclusive Ganja Guruz NFT click here. Different variations consist of characteristics inspired from gaming, cannabis, anime and general fun. Ensure you purchase the variation that you feel represents you and your gaming abilities.

Please note - To participate within our P2E gaming and earn $BLUNT tokens you will need to connect your wallet with a Ganja Guruz NFT present. This verifies your wallet as a community member and provides access into our member's only space.

To find out more about Ganja Guruz NFTs, click Luke:

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